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Club Opening Hours

From 1st March

  Monday         10am - Dusk
  Tuessday      10am - Dusk  
  Wednesday  10am - Dusk
  Thursday      10am - Dusk
  Friday           10am - Dusk
  Saturday       9am - Dusk
  Sunday         9am - Dusk

Also see:

Boat Opening Times 
Cable Opening Times
Gym Opening Times

Happy hour from 5pm Wednesday
and group/party booking available

Cable OPEN from 2/4/2011

For bookings call
01753 542500

°F | °C
Humidity: 93%
Mostly Sunny
50 | 66
10 | 18
Mostly Sunny
46 | 61
7 | 16
Mostly Sunny
50 | 64
10 | 17
50 | 66
10 | 18