POETEE, George, M.B., C.M.Edin., appointed Assistant House Surgeon to

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hicubation Period.— The opinion is expressed that the in-

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sanitary point of view ; of these by far the most important is

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Wb understand that, in accordance with the rule of retire-

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He did not understand when told it was music, but on being

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case of an uncertified death tlie registrar got the advice of tlie

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the usual pear shape. This he attributed to the pressure of

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bottle to the feet ; also on the value of vasodilator remedies,

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Stanford, W. Bedell, M.R.C.S Eng, L.R.C.P.Lond, appointed Second

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advantage of making the Army Medical Service into a corps

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preceding three weeks ; ef these, 124 resulted from measles, 89 from

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PUEVES, Adam Scott, M.RC. S.Eng., L.R.C. P.Lond.. appointed Medical

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that the ill-temper of the English is caused in a great

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covered in a deep ravine. The deceased had been on a visit

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ever, the tube become occluded, the distal segment is

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can give no plausible explanation nor can form any theory,

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may be performed, that is, ere general peritonitis is esta-

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the expense of house rent is allowed to him. The Govern-

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political disorganisation and dishonesty, which will throw

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only may be. but has largely been, transmitted by means of

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Dr. Thomas Grimshaw said he had been Registrar-General

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for twenty-four hours, and then replaced by a drainage tube.

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progress of medical science, is reflected in the character of the

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It is generally agreed that at least in the early stages of the disease

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qualilications granted under the Medical Act by the bodies named in

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where you may keep it dry ; then water the man's every morning with his

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maternal and five fcetal deaths in fifty-five cases. These

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Assistant Professor of Pathology, University College, with "a B. Zeiss

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is coming near by leaps and bounds, and that there is a very great chance

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spread in a house was where the inmates refused to be vacci-

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of March Uth. Gaffky explains the great part taken by water

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great epidemic, £2.57,165 was spent upon the removal and

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