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Fractures de la colouue vertebrale, du sternum, de nom-
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to see Mrs. B., wife of a physician, who gave the following
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circumstances every way important to the history of the symp-
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transferred to the division hospital, Presidio, San Frant'isco, t"al., October 22, 1898.
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creased strength of the patient should justify resection.
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Left for home on the 20th, three weeks less one day.
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one of those early lights whose very intensity pre-
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pigment, is reabsorbed by the cells of the rete. Pig-
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Hospital in the year 1H*)H; and this case is of peculiar interest in that
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put forward practical schemes, carefully thought out
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of Dr. Thomson's; and which we only consider superior to Brown's, in
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auricular flutter should be considered when the pulse is regular
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with his own. The tubercle was often surrounded by a ring
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beyond combating the cardiac weakness by means of stimulants, strychnia,
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brain, sooner and more inevitably to a perilous and fatal event.
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thing from w'hich the men suffered being occasional rheu-
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clines. He or she remains continuously in the water, night and day,
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taken this unfortunate and altogether uncalled-for turn, and that he
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nized as eclampsia ? Are we altogether Justified in still retain-
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but are associated with tubercular infiltration below them
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the records of recent European and American researches into
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"At about the same time in the same city a foreigner, equally obscure,
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varies much in different orders of animals ; they are highest in fishes and
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tainly possess some technical knowledge, else they would
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to beget a high temperature. He considered external
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We have passed such a stage of civilization. The pres-
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to be ascribed solely or chiefly to unrecognized atmospheric condi-
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Avh ether a razor, knife, or pistol, being found firmly grasped, should not be
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temperature-sense and the pain-sense were impaired, though common sensi-
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parts of the body ; and if the stomach will permit, give some warm bev*
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to find a negro baby with hereditary syphilis, though the idea
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regarded as a prenatal type by the skeletal changes which do not involve
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operation, upon tlie digestive powers; and if those are
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not the best bactericidal agent. He differs, also, with Dr. E.
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having their open boat towed by a ten-fathom rope at a considera-
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the suffering beast. Abscesses in the lungs are an occasional
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extravasation in the intestinal mucosa with subsequent

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