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Syinptoms. There is severe earache headache and swell

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motion but no pain in the right shoulder. The left elbow showed thickening

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the addition of the glucose tolerance are summarized as follows

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The title Medicine covers 288 pages and is yet not completed in

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one. This change was called for by the need of greater

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more frequent desire to urinate than usual and in the course of

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special treatment for my troul les lias. ibout restored me to health. I

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Rettger and Horton and Hull and Rettger had shown th. it the

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than elsewhere. Recovery from caries of the spine is more fre

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brium when alcohol is given and he stated that this would point to

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ceeds 99.5 it sometimes does not rise until the other

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Each case was transferred to our special metabolism unit for study.

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markedly decreased the mechanical interference with pulmonary

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The Penis. The penis consists principally of a sponge like

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attacks maltose with acid formation while B. bulgaricus has no action

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World s Dispensary Medical Association. Very truly yours

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similar waters that are in extensive use. The waters

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chair in addition to his official duties as Chairman of the Faculty

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