stomach was seen to be about three fourths filled if observations were
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November 26 Admitted to metabolism ward See Table 2 for data regarding
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bafe conclusions yet it is apparent that hemolytic streptococci are
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took less exercise. Even the slower fall in heart rate and minute
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tory quotients are compared with normal controls studied in Paper IV
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Desdemona Faith that s with watching twill away again
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and in vitro it was possible by exposure to chilling to demonstrate
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shows a moderate emphysema and bronchitis. The heart is slightly enlarged
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well marked remission with almost complete freedom from symptoms.
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that the lymphocytes came from lymphoid tissue i. e. lymph node and
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stasis in shock the capillary picture in cardiac decompensation the
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however satisfactory it nuiy be to the other medical
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based on the calculated body surface area and the formula based on
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from fourteen days to one day old during the short period of seven
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larged cervical glands visible or to be felt externally.
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Brazil is after many failures successfully cultivated in India but so
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acter of the work remains essentially unaltered. To the
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the duodenum were observed in whose stomachs no modifications of
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prevalence of disease of the deeper portions of the urethral
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Case 63 028. Chronic Cystitis of eight years standing.
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this point of view. Such studies should be sufficiently comprehensive
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change has been noted during the past decade an opin
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of lung abscess following tonsillectomy usually have been thought to be
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I ordered bicarbonate of soda and peppermint water for the relief of
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in the original article. They concluded that arsphenamin acts like
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support to the view that the vomiting center of Thumas is merely a

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