sufficient to produce and perpetuate this disease and for the
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Blumgart H. L. Antidiuretic effect of pituitary extract applied intra
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In Tables 7 and 8 the percentage of total calories in the form
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others not. Its entire effect on the nervous system is
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decided that I feel assured another month s covirse will result in a
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tress. If an anodyne is required use freely of the fluid Extract
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ysmal hemoglobinuria. As has already been explained complete hemol
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a few hygienic directions may not be amiss. Do not disregard
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simple enema bringing away large masses of impacted fasces or
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October 10 1895 fully developed cretin. What is the
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certain aromatic compounds following the external use of phenol.
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Physical Examination. The patient is well developed and well nourished
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persons five men were placed under careful observation. Urine was
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believing that they may become dislocated and swept from the spleen
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a dog under morphin ether anesthesia was opened aseptically by a
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directed. After taking the first month s medicine the emissions ceased
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observed it in a case of auricular flutter in which the administration
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the frequent desire to urinate and all pain in the region of the
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as he believed in the epithelial cells of the alimentary
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fleshy parts of the body alphos girttatus which occurs in
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stress is laid is but one half of the mechanism the
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with the Pleasant Purgative Pellets. The habits should be
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cavities while the lower one half is infiltrated with caseous broncho pneumonia.
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the application of moderately large but not fatal doses also appears to
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differed in their opinions and it is remarkable that while some
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mouth of the long arm with a finger. With a finger of
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be so carefully and skillfully performed as to produce no irrita
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subject was lying at complete rest Period I standing at rest Period
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hundred c.c. by Lewis and Benedict method blood urea varied between
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variety of food fish. These experiments will be published in the near
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divisions but histologically and physiologically they are neither visible
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wear and tear quota. Thomas studied the biologic value of various
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oughly revised with 109 illustrations of which 26 are
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fortunate enough to see a case of membranous proctitis
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