in full, a copy sent to the Medical Journals of the Coast and to her relatives.

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the manner in which the best results can be obtained, that

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Bait., 1895, 113-158.— Kieninnn (F.) Ileotyphus; chro-

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but is just as distinct from typhoid or typhus fevers as from measles or

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one-half their former intensity, and iu some places could not be felt or

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merit, such as it is, of being the first to give it in large and efiTectual

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of the pan. When the meat is done remove it from the pan ;

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wrote down several sentences, in which the misspelling was obviously due to

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sediment. There may be seen some octahedral crystals of oxalate of

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most careful investigation of a large series of cases

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watched or else much harm may be done, and valuable

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worries travellers at night in Guatemala. In South America both ixodes and

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of the subcutaneous soft parts, and may even be driven out through the

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Board convened to meet at Stapleton, N. Y., September 19, 1904, for the physical examiDa-

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each practitioner will meet the symptoms as they present themselves

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occurring at other times, the temperature is below normal;

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learned by experience; but the drainage can not be too free.

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but for adults a mixed diet is necessary. Beef consists largely of

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All her complaints left her without further remedies, and she now (Nov.

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degree of M.D. is immediately and personally taught in Obstetrics and Gynaecology,

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