test was negative. Attempts to shake the urine with animal charcoal
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the Mary J. Drexel Home; Surgeon-in-Chief to the Ken-
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"Golden Rules" Series, No. Ill Bristol: John Wright & Co.
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men in the trade. The chapter on the Economic Aspect of Milk
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too, that remittent fever has been in my practice the most fre-
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woman was still flowing profusely. I hastily greased my
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Dr. A. H. Baker, of Chicago, one of the charter members of
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The nourishment for the baby was drawn from the mothers breast
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symptoms proceed, and so much did they incapacitate me, that,
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Associate Attending Surgeon, North Shore LIniversity
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tice. This change has become such in extent that, unless justified by some
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tionable pain. This continued for at least two weeks.
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of the sowings of bacilli is mainly due to the large number of nega-
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learn the advantages to be derived from it will not be likely to
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Some Forms of Food Adulteration and Simple Methods for their Detection,
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been a sufferer from "stomach trouble" for many years. There were

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