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falls well within the usual normal limits. None of these intervals is

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Stewart by measuring the blood flow in the hand showed that

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This affection usually occurs soon after birth and may be

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strangury and retching constitute marked features at times. A condi

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effected than by the old process of treatment with nitric acid.

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irritable and emaciated invalid with no desire to live and no eneroy for

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were given dealing with the nitrogen minimum in this disease. It was

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attended to as a loaded rectum or a distended bladder will in many

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to a more rapid sequential rhythm with occasional extrosystoles of

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and proper use of medicines. The rapidity of recovery depends

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Twenty or thirty grains of the extract of male fern followed

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motion through the manipulator causes the blood to flow to

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tinguished from hydrocele by the facility with which the pro

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by the clinical history and the structural changes in the kidneys. In

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absence of oxygen which leads to putrid fermentation and later to

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sediment contained many hyalin. granular and waxy casts but no red blood

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different heart impulses prevents this instrument of being much use

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years duration which began acutely six months after an attack of

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Massage of the prostate caused no discharge. The shoulders were not affected.

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ported in Philadelphia. There was a rapid rise of tem

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pursued by Dr. Smith in the emergency was to pass a large catheter

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may be seen through the affected parts. There are cases how

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from the Invalids Hotel he left the following communication

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Never attempt to extirpate a corn while there is active inflam

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pus in right pleural cavity. Large thrombus on tricuspid valve. Abscess of

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and proper use of medicines. The rapidity of recovery depends

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tion having recovered. This is illustrated in Figure 5.

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In first case after doing well for ten days convulsions recurred and

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and a darkening of the karyoplasm. Cell 28 shows a small amount of

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were collected for several days and their nitrogen content divided

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abnormal discharge. Our efforts in that direction have been

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ments accompanied by a slight diminution in the erythrocyte count.

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flow of blood and as the patient was getting very weak

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from the center. Both hands may grasp at the same time or

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smaller scales having the form and aj pearance of fine bran. It

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used as preservatives and to give certain wines an especially dry

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occurrence of alimentary upsets persisting for four or five days during

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sleep. The genital organs have become diminished in size. I will pro

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exudations. The speaker examined the urine carefully.

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active part of the disease a weak solution of nitrate of silver or

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a cord which is composed of cellular tissue and ligamentous

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the urinary nitrogen figure at its lowest was almost double the food

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centimeters of this blood after being defibrinated was passed through

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the capillaries. It was Quincke however who observed the flushing and

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number of glomeruli are completely sclerosed many others are enlarged with

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