in exposing dogs during single or repeated periods of different time lengths to

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always of toxic or infectious origin and after an im

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heart rate was 160 systohc pressure 97 diastolic 83. November 7 with a

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inge is required. Should the patient be taken before com

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ized by a vascular thickening of a portion of the conjunctiva

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sometimes confounded progresses from above downwards and

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this result be due to an effect on the circulation. He has found

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ably extended from the barometric line to a considerable distance below the


Case 64 A 16 132. Male aged 27 years. About three months before

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excretory glands and rapidly remove those matters which if

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a large dose of digitoxin but that neither of these effects can be

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expressed to me their intention of applying to you for relief. I feel

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action. Stille says of its effects quoting Widekind that it primarily

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or by the practice of masturbation or self abuse. It runs a

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utes then widened. Twitching began in muscles of face.

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the sides of this passage adhere in consequence of previous

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left ear grape seed in size shows grayish pink pigmentation in the deeper

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changes than periodic excesses. He also remarks that

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and harsh if it be moist the linen will be tinged yellow from

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at the following conclusions 1. Ten per cent. applica

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spectively one equivalent to a 1.060 specific gravity at

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simple produced by the necessity of making thin cross.sections for

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conductivity of the serum was only 5 per cent in observations made

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A couple of ten grain doses of trional or sulphonal

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discrepancies in the deportment of Malarial Hematuria and what may

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from disease of the bladder caused by stone for four years. He had

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first intercostal space. Or again by palpation of the sternum the

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cirrhosis or even a profound anemia per se are also accompanied by

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stinal nodes and then by contiguity or lymphatic extension or both to the

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We now wish to call attention to histologic and liematologic

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These are operated by means of a short connecting rod joining

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young scientist who is now practicing in a London hospital writes

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disease be made. In almost all cases tachycardia and tremor were

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system the blood vessels the lymphatics and even the blood itself

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tic douleureux when in the heart it is termed angina pectoris

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to those described above the alkaH reserve of the blood being sur

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disease frequently state that they get out of breath when walking

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from a practical point of view and that they have not generally

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laries and small veins are not compressed as in health and the

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reacting upon the parts from the spinal cord back again. This

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about by the administration of at least minimum amounts of lactose

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and we are glad to add this useful volume to our armamentarium in

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removed a small amount of hyperplastic mucous membrane and

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Flexions and Versions. Instead of sliding down into

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first noted a year previous to entering the hospital. There was increasing

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treatment fully two years. Mother and father are first

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months before and the diagnosis was made immediately. His diet was only

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tubercle bacilli but attempts to culture the organism failed.

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operations which do not involve an extensive dissection of the

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those which have reached adolescence and finally the

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lation of the habits strict attention to the requirements of the

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full abdomen should not taper rapidly or appear tucked up it in

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splenic pulp aud also same form of bacteria noted in liver.

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alone seem to be successful by this method except when enormous

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induce nausea or vomiting in this way though widely varying amounts

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lymph nodes but he felt that the process probably started in the nodes

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which courts should be to decide at a preliminary inves

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particularly of lower incisors which were loose in sockets no tenderness of

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pain frequent urination and disturbances of vision.

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pigments and the precise relation of the liver to these processes are

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The eye is subject to numerous diseases which although

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and roentgenograms are used liberally to augment descriptions. Dietetic prin

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