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abundant Avitness. Sometimes it manifests itself in the milder
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Case 12. Myositis ossificans chronic endocarditis mitral stenosis and
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power seems chiefly expended in the duodenum though its purgative
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have assumed a more severe aspect. Coincidentally with the increase in
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ment metabohsm. Let us examine the facts as known paying par
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bronze. It is also in this class of cases that ecchymotic
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first 1880 and practising without a license from the Board of
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of the posterior extremities and of the bladder and rec
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one drachm of the solution of bichloride three times a day through
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linas. Articles requiring illustrations can be promptly supplied by
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a teaspoonful of cream of tartar mixed in two or three table
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boy with slight diffuse brownish pigmentation of the skin over the entire body.
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Three patients were without pain and without any demonstrable patho
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conditions of the lining membrane of the uterus. I have tried it
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