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not always accompany abnormal gastric motor phenomena or pyloro
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December 1 Passed ascaris lumbricoidcs in stool. Examination shows no
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same relation to the act of vomiting and possibly to other functions
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always sure of an appreciative audience to listen to them always
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the care of him. The phenomena of overfeeding through
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in all. The effects were immediate and lasted for periods ranging
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transit it may be stopped and absorbed in part to return again with
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Beaumont the founder of our knowledge of the physiology of
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flight of stars. The variability of normal blood pressure under such
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tinues for a variable period when another set of symptoms develops.
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Marginal sounds are heard over the healthy lung and are not
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The Effect of Pituitary Extract. The effect of pituitary extract
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of the capillaries are large their endothelial walls are thin and the
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Case 111 477. Spermatorrhea and Irritable Bladder cured
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Dr. Wathen in concluding stated that he did not hesitate to per
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use of tobacco. As he says it is largely through its
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The germ center of a follicle as represented in Figure 14 is typical
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better pay than the regimental surgeons. The title of
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Among them are the sex weight height size of the chest age and
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class. Granular lids are apt to be accomj anied with a profuse
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retention in the blood and when the diuresis was lessened by pituitary
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cites a characteristic case developing two or three weeks after a severe
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shades indicating the localities where the special disease under con
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Albrecht and Zdareck reporting the seventh case in the literature
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obtained a more extensive history. Nothing regarding
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showed the same degree of enlargement in the sairie chambers notwith
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pulmonary ventilation on the other hand averaged 37 per cent greater
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emphysema and asthma is unassailable. To me it seems that the pre
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Although it is easy to detect this affliction in a person it is
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