symphysis is not united, a primary operation to separate the sacro-iliac

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Bacteria are capable of reproducing themselves by at least three

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near enough, it may be pulled out with the fingers. In case the pharyn-

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fuse perspiration, and the distended intestine may rupture and gas escape

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Torticollis. — Torticollis, or wry-neck, is a condition of contraction of

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blood to the right auricle. When the internal mammary in its turn be-

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mia are well marked. The loss of flesh and strength is constant and iDro-

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cohir, but usually the bk)od is so altered by the gasti'ic juice, and so mixed

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of the joint and scraping away of all the necrosed bone may be neces-

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Medullary cancer of the liver, especially when secondary, is sometimes met

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occurrence of a dropsical effusion or inflammatory exudation into the areolar

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Hygienic, dietary, and climatic treatment are of inestimable value in

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comes extreme, distressing hiccough occurs, the extremities become cold,

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F.Partof wall of an artery infiltrated with tuberde-tisme. x 250. maieridl, WUICU gives

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5. Acute tetanus comes on early and is attended by great severity

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blows over the region of the liver have been followed by pylephlebitis.

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incnbation : one week is the average ; some patients have the fever one-half to two hours after first and

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rhoea, and swelling of tho veins of the Imnd.s arc bad symptoms. In

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lost. At the onset of duodenitis, jejunitis, or ileitis, diarrhoea may be

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a wound. The poisonous chemical products absorbed from the wound

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osteopathic methods are such as to revolutionize the science of surgery.

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usually a more or less marked cancerous cachexia. Suppurative fever, chills,

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capsular fractures of the neck of the femur in old people, or fractures

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of activity, restoration of a part to the natural state must be as simple as its departure from it. and reso-

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lation may be found. Sacro-iliac subluxations are sometimes present.

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heart. It may result from any disease where there is, from physical causes,

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Morbid Anatomy. — This is a cellulitis, and its morbid anatomy is the

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drain the Jersey flats so as to render them non-malarial in their character,

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79° F. The lividity and cyanosis, the imperceptible heart sounds, the ab-

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skin and mucous membranes become dry ; the liver and pelvic viscera are

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the entire peritoneum. Cancerous peritonitis may begin as a diffused sup-

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