attempt which was made not long ago to induce the people to use

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run over the cheek. There is intolerance of light the eyes are

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pressing effect in the patient s weakened oonditiou and because the

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warnings against improper intervention by would be Samaritans in cases of seizure.

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common is excision with the knife or scissors. Reference to the

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were elected officers for the ensuing year Chairman

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formed nodules in cirrhosis of the liver is not the leak which is

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in a patient si.xteen years of age affected with frequent

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In the incomplete variety illustrated by Fig 200 the protrusion

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carbohydrates pepton hydrolytic ferments coloring matters and

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a subsiding bronchopneumonic process in the right lower lobe was demonstrable.

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students are not well grounded in the preliminaries the drudgery of

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should spend too much time in association with grown

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interest for the clinician in the light of our results.

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the present time in Germany tobacco is regarded as the

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Infant Food and Infant Feeding. By Prof. Edgar Everhart

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operation whereby I am now entirely and permanently freed from a

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November last I now find myself completed cured of my varicocele

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report of the Commission therefore necessarily falls into sections

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mother to continue the salol two or three times daily for two or

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both edges at corresponding spots. When the sutures

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