branches already pursued by the class to which they seek admission,
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Our Secretary of State shall, from time to time, fix the order of precedence^
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have attended only one course of each of the subjects connected with
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The Fellowship, — Candidates for the Primary examination must
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is confined almost wholly to his bed. The ataxia reaches an extreme degree,
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recommended — ^Euripides, Hecuba and Alcestis ; Yirgil, iESneid i. — v. The can-
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fusing it with those cases in which progressive ophthalmoplegia occurs as one
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products. The text will expose the student to such areas as microbiology, public health,
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one system. Toward the lateral cerebellar tract (K1S) the degeneration is
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This form of paralysis we call paraplegia. Diseases in the cervical cord may
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nervous, irritable, restless, unable to concentrate his attention on any subject,
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publisher of some trivial pamphlet, which never met with enough of a sale
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fessional examination. A preference to he given to candidates of the
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short, there is clinical evidence that the peripheral motor neuron has begun
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specific treatment, especially a course of inunctions with mercurial ointment,
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'n the crcduct.;. T^ass^r j _ '''iprgves the keet'-'^ ^udlity the omduct* It is
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important subjects of the Primary branches at the end of the Gjtet
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standing ; or, a graduate in Arts of a British or Irish Uniyersity, and
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ic " disturbance. The presence of the Babinski [or OppenheimJ reflexes'
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the part of certain cerebral nerves, such as the optic and oculomotor, Avhich
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^£2 Is. 8d. Unsnccessfnl candidates are remitted to their studies for a
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with regard to cerebral tumors, as well as other lesions, focal symptoms should
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what more frequently in the lumbar cord (lumbar myelitis). We often find
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Bowker, Richard R. S., M.D. St. Andrew's, Australia,
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no value at present for the special topical diagnosis.
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to be preferred to the rapid treatment common at many health resorts. Of
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attack may be ushered in by chilliness, perspiration, or palpitation.
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and is unable to feed himself. To these are added various motor symptoms,
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mine whether the growth be cortical or subcortical. Seguin has given certain
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inasmuch as everything must, of course, depend upon the nature of the disease
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paid with the first instalment, together, or in the interval between the setvere
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of migraine. We are still utterly ignorant of the special nature of migraine
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"After a careful perusal of the entire work, we can confidently recommend it both to fhe
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cessive movement. If the ataxia reaches a higher degree, most tabid patients
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embolism occasions in the region directly affected and in its neighborhood.
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from ignorance to knowledge. A capable man without method may read
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of Physicians, Londonr^-Boyal College of Physicians, Edivbv/rgh^
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may be spent at any recognised university. The remaining period of
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passed a satisfactory examination on three of the subjects mentioned in
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2. Abduction of the metacarpus (M. abductor pollicis longus, N. radialis).
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weeks or even months. Persistent hiccough may also be excited reflexly in
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medicines being requisite, either at or subsequent to delivery, it
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College Classes, amount to 140 dols. ; this does not include the spring^
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diphtheria cases are followed by paralysis, or why a nephritis occurs after only
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tion is much more frequent on the left side than on the right.
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f b. Outfts, let's look at' s««e tf ,«i« specif fc isiki of* wsterliiary specialists, «id
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5. Finally, we often see ocular paralyses as a symptom of more extensive
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Tribby, Charles Lindemann, a, w, sp, Meadville, Pa. A.B. (Antioch C.) '35.
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seau had already described this variety as " contracture des nourrices." But
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A candidate for the degree of Master in Swrgery must be either a
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ing"). This remarkable symptom, which also occurs in multiple sclerosis

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