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highly irritated condition of the nerves will lead to. What are the

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alarming severity of the flow to temporarily at least resort to the

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confined to the face scalp hands or feet and pityriasis diffusa

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Microscope revealed a number of dark brownish red and black pig

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June 8 1917. Necropsy Marked edema of lower extremities left hydrothorax

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accessories necessary to effect the most approved and successful

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once a day and then in very small quantities. The use of

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even after two years. Brown recorded some loss of hemolytic activity

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numbers of polymorphonuclears in the glomeruli tubules and interstitial tissue

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the brain. In poisonous doses a lessening of the heart s

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on the hygienist to see that the organism has an impera

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shadow taken at a target plate distance of two meters as given by

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Notes are presented on three cases of renal glycosuria. The first

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ments. Animal Diseases Dangerous to Man. It is announced

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stance and epinephrin injections over a month resulted in no clinical

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