approximately normal condition of the animal during the procedure

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drum not only causing direct pressure upon it but at times setting

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profession comes to us in its third edition a large portly volume

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I Reprinted from the Journal of the American Medical

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will realize its relative importance and produce the peculiar patho

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flowing of the tears in the left eye has ceased nasal

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of uux vomica ten drops of belladonna and one ounce of gly

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though we could not measure the pressure in the circle of Willis at

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Dr Charles Jewett twenty cases sixteen ante partum two post

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parasitic elements that exist only in malarious fevers and they disap

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that when but one is attacked as that begins to improve the

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proof and can only be approached indirectly. We shall review as

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am free to confess it may be difficult for many a general

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charge. On separating the lids the eye appears swollen red

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of muscular twitchings. In the light of the experiments here reported

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and Lewis. However the field was so clouded by the stroke of the

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longest period over which the specific type reaction was obtained was

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together with clear spaces between. If the spaces are frequent thus

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certain number are overlooked so that it behooves the clinician and

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least some of our experiments. A marked increase in blood pressure

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to the parts of the body concerned with the indoxyl syn

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world famed and honest medicines. They are not imdnly puffed and

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Well designed and constructed dentures can deflect the cheek allow space for the

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Bacillus acidophilus and its therapeutic application L. F. Rettger and

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Bile Pigments and Impaired Liver Function. In the type of cases

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ankylosed at 100 degrees. The right elbow was ankylosed at 180 degrees.

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kidneys yellow skin black urine and great mortality clearly the

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cases it is not unlikely that its apparent specific reaction in one case

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nary fistulse is effected in from thirty to forty days with very

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Dr. KuFP said that ever since he had been a student

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members of our staff have traveled many thousands of miles to visit

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dangerous feature of the disease we find clinically that where a

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vised to a physician of large experience in the management of

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Hughes is illustrated and is a valuable contribution to this much

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strated by Dr. Anstie. He had experimented with a dog

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output of bile pigments into the duodenum was above normal. In the

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Physical Examinalion. The heart was somewhat enlarged and presented a

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acterized by an inverted P wave simple ventricular escape by an

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aspergillus niger albus and tbe mucor mucedo. Instances are not

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connective tissue breaking up the lobules into very small groups of

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Total white cells 646 000 polymorphonuclears 9 044.

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