reached the surface an occurrence which is looked upon as a necessity
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An est amp etics During Parturition. Dr. Fordyce Barker says
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The following typical cases illustrate the wonderful results of
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Prof. Cornil in his Traite sur les Bacteries has reproached me for
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amblyopia to which list as many others might be added.
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The author finds that the best modes of administering nitro
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lis patients with some of the most common and frequent causes of
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Pitch is best removed with oil. If there be gunpowder in the
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a study of the literature and from roentgen ray examinations in
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compelled to supply large quantities of protein in order to establish
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forms a large part owing to its being suppressed by the other intestinal
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the baby was stupid. The baby did not resemble either
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When we address ourselves to the disturbance of func
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In estimating the change in the heart shadow we have used the
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our atypical cells. These are also present in large numbers in the
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figure illustrates the instrument closed ready for introduction the lower one
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ducing various pigment substances at an abnormal rate of speed
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At last a case presented itself in a large and well
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equilibrium may be established if an adequate diet is given. Reference
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disease is greater than in health and also that their amount and the
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blood analysis method are usually out of the question in clinical work.
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the army during our late civil war this fact was clearly and definitely
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the reticulum cell. This cell varies considerably in size and can very
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The plasma carbcjn dioxid combining power on admission was 46
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which would be dangerous to life or health be these substances part of
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large areas of lymphocytes in the cortex probably representing an interstitial
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reference to this symptom depends entirely upon the recognition of
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and the recent investigations of Kolischer of Vienna upon the
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Causes. These affections are incident to a scrofulous diath
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quantity of the acetate of potassium may be added to each
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that we have prevented a number of severe cases of congestion
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Usually there is no pain and the patient feels perfectly well.
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pigments would then form an excess and would be eliminated as such
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traumatic cataract had supervened after the puncture of the cornea
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ical basis the use of hypertonic salt solution intravenously has no place
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applied locally together with fomentations. At the end of a month
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One case of polycythemia vera was studied. The patient had a red
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sums of money to medical men for treatment without obtaining relief.
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death the blood alkali reserve ranged between 50 and 58 the average
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lives. The principles of antiseptic surgery as taught by him have
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maximum minute volumes depending on the extent to which the indi
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such a person may transmit the same propensity to his offspring
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normal figures. In all others the phenolsulphonephthalein elimina
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Naegeli himself makes contradictory statements regarding this cell
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