known popularly as toothache tree gives promise of similar anes
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Tumors of the external auditory canal of whatever nature may
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patient should be examined just after menstruation is ended and if
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fessed discoveries are the more improbable from the fact that so far
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to be fatal and those which hold out a fair prospect of
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Crisis si.x days after the attack. April 15 1918 thrombosis of right popliteal
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liver may contain 100 times the normal content of iron. Various
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alterative action so essential to control this terrible disease.
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tionally seen. Retrograde metamorphosis is characterized by the
hydroxyurea therapy in patients with sickle cell anemia
of the system. This group includes erythema erysipelas and
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Malarial Prophylaxis. The New York Medical Record calls
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lives. The principles of antiseptic surgery as taught by him have
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tion of an aitificial one. Thickening of the tympanum may be
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reported 3.03 per cent morbidity among 39 438 collected cases in 1918.
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heartily recommend it to students and practitioners
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surgical Bulletin June 25th draws the following con
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its action when administered internally is sometimes so marked that
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the level found in the most severe cases of pernicious anemia. It is
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Again there were no definite symptoms of sufficient gravity to indicate
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The arrangement of our cases into subacute and chronic groups is
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to the investigation and treatment of these diseases which are
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of the hemorrhage warranted. The red blood corpuscle count and
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my gynaecological instruments I found a Simpson s uterine sound
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heart in auricular fibrillation can be but impressed with the i 0werful
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in the female between the twelfth and fifteenth years at which
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and one that will result in the greatest benefit when there is
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and DuBois. In regard to the manner of weighing food recording it
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brace splints or other confining appliances are necessary
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several animal experiments blood volume determinations failed to
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Cowie and Calhoun have emphasized the analogy between the
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vate practice we feel justified in saying that the general plan
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cult to explain the underlying etiology. It does not seem reasonable
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patients had when walking without the pack but the average minute
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the most noted Asylums Dispensaries and Sanitary Institutions in
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Some physicians commence the treatment by administering an
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relationship between the acute and the chronic case.
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worm gut making superficial sutures only stitch these surfaces to
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lowing case serves to illustrate the symptoms of the disease and
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color with here and there lighter areas due to connective tissue.
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to all diseases affecting that part of the eye behind the pupil.

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