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Thirteenth Annual Session. Held at Macon City Mo. May 10
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culated values of both the average blood flow and the average blood
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surface tissues particlarly the sclerae and the skin of the covered
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the effects of an injection of 1.2 milligramme being still
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physiology. The first publication of Dr. Beaumont s experiments
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bowels regular. Ice applied to the back of the head and neck
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researches commanded almost faith. The committee have evidently
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Since there had been no diflference in the reactions of the sugars
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and intracellularly in the nasopharynx and similarly the virus of
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convoluted tubules also show a deposition of a large amount of granular brown
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palpitations etc. during this period than at any other. King in his
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When this morbid passion gets control of a person it is as
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pirations. Two days later auscultation revealed rather distant breath sounds
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appearance regards the settling to the bottom of vessels of a white
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from catarrh after taking a single dose of thirty five drops of the
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mouth of the long arm with a finger. With a finger of
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ception will be more likely to occur than if moderation be not
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physiological processes involved and the bile pigments reach a new
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The night emissions have ceased entirely I have not had one now for
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combination with the iodide of potassium is indicated or mercury
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arteries etc. as to let the blood remain in the cerebro spinal system
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Mosenthal test negative. For metabolic studies with excreta in urine and
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sumes very little alcohol its criminality is appalling.
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are filled with polymorphonuclears but these cells are very rare in the glomeruli.
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instrument. Returned to my office non plused. But looking over
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complete rest and fasting of patients with heart may be elevated
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We have some observations which go to show that the disease is
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their inception coming on gi adually and manifesting no spe
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This reaction was specific for the type of infection in the patient
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than ten cases which were described in sufficient detail to warrant their
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tinguishing characteristic that which gives malarial diseases a definite
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exercise was 5.57 while the corresponding figures for the patients with
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ing or any violent movement of the body and sometimes con
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tion of Naegele s perforator which was then carefully withdrawn
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and arresting the multiplication of bacteria. The views of so high
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and hence more liable to rupture. Excessive mental exertion
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keep the pupil dilated. Always cleanse the eye with tepid
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should be treated in connection with this disease. For these
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of city life on the plea of escaping the confusion and excitement so
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positions at the end of full inspiration is much less marked being
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prevented from reaching the medulla by perfusing that organ with
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The Science and Art of Obstetrics. By Theophilus Parvin
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through this valve measured UOO c.c which would just about balance the
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There was no general disease of the blood vessels such
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publish my plain statement you will for obvious reasons omit my
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and reports on hemoglobin values only. The anemia was produced

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