layers of the cornea it may be removed by making an incision

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guinea pigs all died in due time of typical rabies.

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apex of the left lung and a caseous tuberculosis of the mediastinal

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the flexor tendon which is the median line. The felon should be

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experimentally in the dog by procuring expiratory dyspnea confined

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muscle fibers then greater contractile stress and prolonged systole

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A series of eighteen cases was examined all of which presented

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There were three tumors one being very large and all

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in the skin all communicating with the same sinus or opening

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feeding of milk or lactose to experiment animals including the white

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for all students the standard deviation for vital capacity amounted to

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The machine as represented by Fi. 8 is brought to the

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occurs in the inter menstrual period whether the worran be married or

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without gratifying results full doses of either of these antipyretics

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dyspnoea the patient complaining of a heavy weight resting on the

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median section is the safest and is most commonly employed

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slightest touch and dislikes to change his position in bed.

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this labor to the performance of a simple algebraic sum. In several

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Several cases were observed showing salivation and gingivitis due to

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says the dose must not be repeated within eight hours and then

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border was drawn toward the median line during inspiration whereas the left

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their ill informed or uninformed condition these local bodies the

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instead of good the disease slowly but surely progressing.

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Laboratory Examination. Urine Moderate trace of albumin no casts.

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venes. But in the ab.sence of increased values for blood urea and in

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by a slight decrease in the conductivity seen in the observations of

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that at Rochester Minn. Again no comparison should be made with

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practice of a neighbor physician last month for stricture of small

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operation consists in cutting down upon the strangulated bowel

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fingers of my left hand and attempted to elevate and push the

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But you must not rely upon treatment by drugs alone. Every

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ments are accidental corpuscles and not bacteria. I know very

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like form and are composed of numerous segments each of

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pylorospasm frequently accompanied the exaggerated type of gastric

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ing more quickly and giving a more homogeneous solu

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snugly around the pedicle one end of the wire was held fast and

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meeting of the North Carolina Medical Society I endeavored to

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between the two groups were observed while they were standing at

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position may simulate in their clinical picture any one of a great

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of the entire student body is an organization which

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leucorrhceal discharge at times brownish or tinged with blood may

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scription of the findings accords entirely with those of

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