undue amount of pressure applied by the ear of the physician throws

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are accustomed to distribute cards among their patrons certifying

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chest and died December 25. Diagnosis encysted hematoma empyema atid

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mately 7 feet measured 14.3 cm. while that taken at the same distance

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tion are present before sympathetic ophthalmia develops itself.

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authorities to establish such a laboratory in connection

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marked alteration in liver function due merely to the presence of a

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infection running a rather rapid course and terminating fatally.

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treatment there is evidently some fault which has been over

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Both of these confirm the truth of the old German proverb As a

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gether. They should be taken in small doses and their use

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from malarial micro organism as described by Lavaran and others.

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vaccination were within the range of his predecessors they saw

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accumulation of useless and confusing material and in every de

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furnish the only real safeguard and while Dr. Thomas s method

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Steinfield and Kolmer jjrepared an antigen in nnich tlie same

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in them evidences of more oversights and errors of observation than

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Dr. Nott of Texas believed that the field for the proper per

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when such is the case the true character of the affection can be

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