corpu.scles disappeared from the circulation and found that they lived
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specific fever. It is the result of a prolonged high temperature
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tinues for a variable period when another set of symptoms develops.
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are transpiring. The phrenic pleura is separating from the costal tlic
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the improvement. I have not taken any medicines for six months and
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seen that drugs may lower bodily temperature in health or in fever
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follow from venereal disease when it is known as syphilitic
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wound after it is found. Where there is no complication wounds of
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that it is linked to the acute form by numerous intermediary cases.
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died of heart disease one suddenly. Patient had been a school teacher for
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more of these physical signs are present in association
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Transition forms between our atypical cells and lymphocytes as
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the property of manufacturing pigments of different sorts the
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ously for weeks in order to fully correct the extremely
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studied. Greater changes were observed in the metabolism heart
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with heart disease than in the normal subjects. While sitting at rest
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lateral cases is usually surgical. Bilateral pyelonephritis may result in
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look in all of those cases toward an eventual restora
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that the peculiar anti fermentative properties of these articles bear a
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From decomposing gelatine he separated neuridin muscarin and
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the only hope. In these cases there is no exudation but a general
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the glycemia by the rapid burning of sugar. Hyperthyroid blood sugar
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volume becomes a point of considerable practical interest. The maxi
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ences exerted in a malarial district from over abundance of oxidizable
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when it does return it is more copious than usual. In some
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per cent solution 10 minutes. 2 surgical solution of chlorinated soda from
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Accepting the oxygen theory however the protective influence of
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pers. Six of the illustrations are in beautiful chromo lithographs
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Masses of pus cells were found in the tubules in six chronic cases.
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the course of the next three months improved to such
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instructive work seems to be in harmony witli the enlarged sphere of
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Library and Reading room. Invalids Hotel and Surgrical Institute.
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that a cure could not possibly have resulted from the cutting
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By gradual dilatation I succeeded in passing a catheter equal in
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of the glands containing these masses show partial or complete absence of the
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retention of metabolites in the blood. The phthalein elimination was
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phagia polyuria failure of wounds to heal rapid loss ot weight progressive
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effect of long continued gradual loss of body nitrogen is not known
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chondriacal state is a little more common in the earlier
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nerves of special sense medulla oblongata and vaso
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ably successful in its cure as the following statements conclu
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tissue new parenchyma replaces the old and is again destroyed to be
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obtain also in children more especially the use of alcohol present
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nearly 90 per cent of cases of haemorrhage from cancer occur in
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question whether any well marked changes could be detected in the
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individuals I referred to this special history in order to
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of syphilitic ulceration over the superficial bones is given in Fig.
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ing the excellent hygienic and therapeutic surroundings that had been
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blood. The investigations carried out in man in such diseases as per
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part of expiration. But the tracing reveals the opposite of that expected
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the fever after having had several intestinal haemorrhages. The
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Family History. Father mother two hrothers and tive sisters are living
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Other glomeruli show partial closure of their capillaries with a corresponding
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was detained until this demonstration was effected. Every physi
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first series of observations February 6 are lower than in any of the
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and one half ounce of glycerine may be applied and will pro
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records of this institution show 521 cases admitted directly
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tion pulmonary ventilation and heart rate but they were greater in
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treatment but as her general health improved the disease abated.

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