Association concludes that surgical affections follow different

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of cases treated in the Institution. On this floor are also suits of

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true however that the relationship between the amount of hemoglobin

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forms and also in the cure of other chronic diseases. We liave

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fellows of the Royal College of Surgeons held a recep

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instances of motion is gradually regained and many months

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of the Pniladelphia Medical News have recently published the

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principal meal should be taken in the middle of the day. If

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pigment excretion is changed and instead of a low pigment elimina

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portation must be prepaid and a complete history of the case

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is it that with the increasing perfection of the technic of anesthesia

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II. Peristalsis as the Direct Cause of Pain in Gastric Ulcers

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of appetite flatulency acidity dyspepsia fullness and oppres

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The Relation of the Nervous System to Haemophilia Malarial

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by an inverted P wave resulted from the mechanical stimulus received

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middle of November 1918. He has been in hospitals on four different occasions

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and the location of the operation are often important secondary factors.

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stenosis so that one would not be justified in saying the patient s

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two or three days ending with precordial pain just preceding the attack. Riding

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ing rhinologists of this city receiving considerable

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oxygen. Spolverini studied a series of 900 children varying in age

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that the myeloid elements of the blood were coming from the lymph

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tuted for it the local abstraction of blood for which I can allege

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nal haemorrhages occur it was not uncommon in young

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It may be that this paper is too speculative but hypotheses are

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under the following heads Chemical and Physical Changes in the

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head is experienced. This is called an aura. When it reaches

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tion the use of that drug has reduced the pulse promptly to about

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themselves the author s choice from an enormous bulk of extant material.

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child bearing may be made painless in most cases and greatly mitigated in

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Prostitutes who indulge in excessive and promiscuous sexual

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for in physical science it is simply enormous to assume that a poison

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impairment of vision is due to some change in the retina optic

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round without tying them until the last was passed

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Medical Chatauqua. It is proposed in the Medical Register to

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post mortem examination it is commonly possible to demonstrate liver

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hours. The dashes are placed on days of the observations in the calorimeter.

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gen less readily than normal hemoglobin. This leads to

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discharged to the general ward very slightly improved by the vaccine therapy.

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a quantity of indol sufficient to cause death was injected

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sign of the acidosis had disappeared bicarbonate reserve 60.5 vokunes

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a puffy watery or flabby condition of the face particularly

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The two experiments show essentially the same thing.

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a prolonged and relapsing course extending over many months or

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globin and red cell count gradually diminished. In the beginning

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tion most highly as the best place for those suffering from the disease

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character as to fit them for the purposes of nutrition or to immediately

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these indicate a mixed infection. The coat is at times

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cure though time and appropriate medicines may greatly narrow

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We cannot accept these conclusions however liecause the experi

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