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be adopted in private practice in the country or in small towns
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eral glandular enlargement thyroid not enlarged no signs of hyperthyroidism.
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number of times. After each paracentesis it is well to inflate. If
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Hotel last summer aud upon examination was found to have suffered
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spleen follicles and that the granulocytes came from myeloid tissue
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often got consumptive children. Several times he observed that one
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class A except that those included in class B must have had a
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affections which arise from abuse of the generative organs.
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Observations on the Metabolism of Typhoid Patients With and Without Food.
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say There is no reasonable doubt in my mind that the disease is
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Influence of Calomel upon the Decomposition of Bile.
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side. Persistently repeat this operation and success will often
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employments. The subject ought to rise early and walk or
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I Reprinted from the Journal of the American Medical
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normal. Bowels had acted four times since noon and last action
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HUMAN PARASITOLOGY. By Damaso Rivas. Philadelphia and London
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enemata left off. Such internal therapeutic agents as
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fifty to three hundred minims being administered daily.
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unable to think of words to express his thoughts. This condi
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The cortex shows only a very few follicles with germinal centers.
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and is reflected over the glomerulus. The inner layer is prominent in
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secured only by devoting to it especial study and attention. When
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covery which is taken one half ounce of the iodide of potash

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