I. Acute Catarrhal Laryngitis. V. (Edema Glottidis.

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adherent to the deeper structures. Many times this is an indication

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neuralgia. The cause of the disease is a specific bony lesion pressing

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line, away from the internal jugular vein. Collateral circulation is

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cartilage and the absorption of its elements. It is claimed by some that

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Relapsing fever is no new form of disease. It was described more than

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right iliac region, continues during the period between the original attack

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renal hypersemia. When there is reason to believe that a hemorrhagic infarc-

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doses of calomel are combined with the diuretics, and its use continued for

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the result of the extension of inflammation from the endometrium or

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There will be anaemia, accompanied by a great increase in the area of splenic

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pericardiul adhesions take place at the base of the heart, which, by their

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cases in which these larger air-sacs have formed. The changes which take

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germs, usually atiuospheric, enter, and, lodging in a cavity, cause putres-

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such a perforation are obscure. The gall-bladder may open into the pelvis

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pricking it causes no pain. The voice is altered, and children cry as with

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whereas, that occurring in the skall is often the result of syphilis.

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Lorenz's Method. — Lorenz devised what he has styled a bloodless

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itching which these worms cause, especially at night in a warm bed, induces

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with consequent accumulation of mucus, always develops it. The gi'owth

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Very recently there has been advocated an antiseptic treatment of pneu-

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cleansed with an antiseptic solution each time after taking food.

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oote on thoM pigments tho constant supply of whidi ia essential to the

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matter of the bile, bile-resin, -lime salts, mucus, epithelium, biliary acids,

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fected area, may accomplish some good, but it is hardly likely, for blood

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thickened. (2) Hyperplasia. Hyperplasia of the connective tissues

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partly by charring the tissues, which form an eschar, preventing

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mann's spoon to get rid of the detritus and dead material clinging to

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develop from the synovial fringes in connection with the ex-

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