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In the vast majority of cases the patient of her own efforts brings the
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ther with a yellowifh-coloured matter, like fulphur;
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pain being usually, but not invariably, the smaller. The pulses at the
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nal form fubfifts entire in each individual : but tliough
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which have lately been used in these cases. They are given in doses of
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chronic tuberculous peritonitis may be correctly said to increase with the
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their inteftines, their dung, in fhort, every part of
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absence of itching and pain, and the tendency for the lesions to arrange
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upwards, downwards, and transversely. With or without the occurrence
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Usually when labour begins with a posterior position, anterior rotation
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means of preventing which is to kill them whilfl in
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tissue is grey, dense, and glistening, and frequently embedded in it are
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The course will be limited to a class of thirty, and shall consist mainly of
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good. But the shell wounds of this w'ar are of a different tyiie.
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such cases should be carefully examined for evidence of disease of the
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vomiting, fever, and in a few hours jaundice ; and, to show how sudden the
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Elliott published in The Ophthalmoscope, July 1910, p. 482, the details
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time there is no other evidence of scurvy present. In cases of severe
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hereditary transmission. In a large number of cases, the disease is con-
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nervous theory regards the nerve centres as being primarily affected, and
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empyema of the gall bladder, in which case it is quite possible there may
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witsch in Berlin, have reported finding what they took to be tubercle bacilli
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fheep are liable. I fli-^ll here diflinguifh it only
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water ; while hot fomentations to the abdomen will quickly give relief from
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often of a dark, sometimes of a leaden hue. The marrow of the spongy
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years, 531 cases were admitted to St. Thomas's Hospital for pleurisy. Of
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appears " as if stained with port wine," and slight swelling of and blurring
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active service whose auricles were fibrillating and yet they had no
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oxygen. The extraction of the heat and energy is the function of the
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is warm fomentations applied to the parts ; good rub-
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firfl in the head or ftomach, and frequently in both
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a result of these observations. For example, it has been found that the
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next, until finally symptoms disappear, or, on the other hand, slowly or
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voluntary to the simplest and most automatic. In dissolution the centres

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