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lungs. But moderate bronchiolar hypertonus produces emphysema
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TABLE 4. Bile Pigments in Nineteen Cases of Pernicious Anemi.
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patient. The skin as a general thing though not always
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A person who suifers from this disease should avoid every
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Right Lung It was more voluminous than the left but on section presented
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eighty cases of obstructive dysmenorrhcea and sterility traceable to
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this complexity of functions and of the paramount importance of its
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The source of stenocarpin is no longer a mystery if the specimens
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There was a decided ataxic gait. The calf muscles were much enlarged.
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to a rise in temperature in a manner which resembles closely the
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cous membrane which is highly vascular and filled with sensitive
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being placed over the murmur region and the corresponding ear piece
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three cases exhibiting late manifestations of syphilis
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urobilin in the stool examinations. Schneider Giffin Sanford and
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that must be learned sooner or later in the larger cities. As the
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This continued until the cure was perfected. The treatment was con
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annoyed at my interference with the movements of his leg
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Let u start from without and review the conditions in the exter
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the percentage increase of the volume per respiration over that before
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and those remedies administered which relieve nervous irrita
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Clinical Course. The patient vomited persistently ran an irregular sub
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liver and spleen. The pathologist said that death was due to failure
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hours by mouth rectum or hypodermically pulse became soft and
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cocci 61.1 per cent of the tests performed on the patients showing
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of the Skin Therapeutic Gazette a new hair dye is described as
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this case probably was the result of the extremely rapid heart rate
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The pericardial cavity was distended with about 700 c.c. of blood tinged
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April 2 Total white cells 500 000 polymorphonuclears 9 150. April 7
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similar cases have been overlooked they have been within sight and
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the fevers studied. The continued diagonal line is drawn from
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The urine was normal. Many tubercle bacilli were found in the sputum.
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excited and test sentences could be repeated with diffi
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very remarkable difference in favor of our city. Only last summer a
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bucket by means of a rope through one of the hatches between decks.
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flow of urine is checked and as it were dammed up so that
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customary local exudation of blood. It is a time favorable to
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ious in their effects upon both body and mind says
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except by an enema which was advised when the condition of the
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sometimes an unnatural greasy appearance of the skin at
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in order to reduce the problem to its simplest terms effort has been
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and blood casts of tubuli uriniferi epithelia from kidney tubules
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same relation to the act of vomiting and possibly to other functions
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diminish. Eleven cases giving positive reactions showed an average
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of these parts and perhaps other diseases may cause it.
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of a trial and after the evacuation the protruded bowel should
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for instance the freedom from pain. In some cases very severe
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of pile tumors the discovery of safe painless and certain
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morning and the patient may be comparatively free from it
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The same operation may be applied also to the legs while the
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lived somewhere in New York about Ninetieth Street but who has
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