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and was stopped at a point several inches down the oesophagus.

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a calibre of about one sixteenth of an inch is obtained.

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vision is impaired and the headache increased by keeping an

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arterial and venous limbs with a slightly wider connecting limb. The

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semi comatose when aroused expresses great anxiety and seems to

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their heart felt thanks for having been cui ed of spermatorrhea

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danger and more pleasant taste it is evidently to be preferred to

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summer of 1917 he had another similar attack. There was marked general edema

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great depression. Post mortem showed the spleen large soft and

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expiration the obstruction to the passage of air must be so great that

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posits in the joints and tissues appears to be useless.

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mucus like appearance and when placed under a microscope by

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vital capacities for different weight groups of Stanford students. The circles

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of the advanced cretins except in lesser degree. The

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in cases of chronic glomerulonrpliritis and 52 years in the arlerio

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which he had made is interesting as bearing on the question of heat

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cerned. Fumigation and disinfection of ship cargo and passengers

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features. He doe not believe that there is any real distinction

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former being diminished more than the latter. It is probable that

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reaching normal at the end of about eighteen hours. Coincident with

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injection intense boring occipital or frontal headache usually of

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not have expected one more rousing than that which burst forth from

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failure. The comfort of the patient may be greatly promoted

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health was better than it had been for many years. He was directed

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fatal gastro intestinal disorders and phallinc con

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equal quantity of aromatic spirits of ammonia which was fortu

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In all of these early eases we have the prognathous

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under ordinary circumstances and would show with an absorption

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theories with regard to their causation there is no question about

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was fading in twenty four hours. The reaction to but one type of

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series of determinations. Iy figures for normal individuals are rela

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when removed or if its hardness was due to the solution

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tive. The calories by the direct method totaled 2 152.9 by the indirect

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polishes varnishes etc. Government analysts not infrequently find

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does occur is ordinarily easy of control. Cocaine of course has fu ly

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comfort. lu this condition I tried a number of physicians without

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a progressive degenerative disease located in the lenticular nuclei occur

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likely female when they are 124 per minute male. Towards the

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sensation and great difficulty in walking. The discharge is

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history of the disease but if so the fact can be proved

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without danger in from seven to ten days afterward. These cultures

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of fatty matter and only seven per cent of carbo hydrates. It was

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of speech we would say that most disorders are retributive in

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