pressure maintained in the trachea on the proximal side of the stenosis.
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stating that a diagnosis may occasionally be made by the presence in a
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regarded by the medical profession as a pioneer step on the road of
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At times the face is remarkable for its dull apathetic
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TABLE 1. Vital Capacity of Group of College Students Co i J
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under the eyes is the first symptom noticed and the patient
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The third patient aged 74 has a marked arterio sclerosis arterio
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graphs of Skulls. By John S. Billings and Washington
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We have recently had the pleasure of reading a historical sketch
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where perfect hemostasis and accurate closure was practised the
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There is therefore very good reason for excluding all proposed pos
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emulsion of airol with equal parts of glycerin and olive
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will be seen oozing from the placental extremity a cer
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soluble and easily piocured from dealers in well defined crystals
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these vessels which have been suddenly opened and closed by reflex
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lymphocytes and mononuclears identical in morphology with those
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separate. Thus a patient with a known Type I pneumonia might be
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ance of the organ of hearing that stimulate Menieres disease.
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we have used the classification of Smith and Brown which divides
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tented excitable and remarkably impulsive. With proper
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capitals some really go to study. Some few go well equipped by
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some of the certainty of muscular action is dependent upon the sugar
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These conclusions were substantiated by microscopic examination of serial
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On the third day after the subject began the treatment he reported a
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affecting directly the heart centre which is supposed to be located
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our law that it permits such swindlers to go unpunished. Not so
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Superintendent of the Battle Creek Mich. Sanitarium.
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volume is therefore to be reduced to standard conditions by a factor
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the point of origin of the renal arteries of the rabbit
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other series. It is not known that this was due to any experimental
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make coffee known in Europe by the account of travels
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instituted and the most thorough regulation of the patient s
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tant office. I venture to believe that his enthusiasm for

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