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When the question of employing paracentesis in thoracic effusions
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why is coumadin ordered simultaneously with heparin
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warfarin inr levels normal
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what foods can you not eat while taking warfarin
9. — Papilloma of the Sole. — D. W. Montgomery reports 7
warfarin drug interactions with antibiotics
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No doubt it was impossible for the Council to inspect
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School of Medicine : "Prius cognoscere, deinde sanare." Most all investi-
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cific virus within the body during the progress of the malady, and
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worked out to be of any clinical value. Hildebrandt has recently returned to the view
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allows histological and bacteriological examination of the liquid. These
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we, as healers of the sick, have no right to consign
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My object, however, is not to detail cases, but to give the general
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introduction of a catheter. It does not do to be deceived by being
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General Pathology, General Therapeutics, Forensic Medi-

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