and worm killers and is not without its objections but the seed

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So then I say that the appearance of tuberculosis of the lungs

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given by mouth at first and afterwards hypodermically kept pulse

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patients with a history of rheumatism chronic interstitial tonsillitis

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three cases from the same family pineal shadows were evident

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Fifth avenue has recently received from M.Mavroyeni the Turkish

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to include simultaneous observations of these pigment elements in the

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of animals poisoned with putrid material was not caused by the

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cially of the deltoids and contractures of the hamstrings toes and hips. The

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World s Dispensary Medical Association Gentlemen I hope

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corresponding to the insertion near the fundus was more

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changes in the heart muscle in pernicious anemia may well be due to

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Malaria is immediately suspected in malarial districts. This may

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A.S a means of determining the relative amount of blood destruction pro

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ties. Nor can we consider the treatment of hoarseness

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Convalescence uninterrupted until the fifth day postoperative when the patient

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bodies which occasion suffering and inflammation if allowed to

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operator sex age duration before intubation of laryngeal symp

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to the unit structural factors whatever these may be. This point

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and preventive practice in the new science of sanitation not being

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This monograph is a comprehensive work including a critical survey of the

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of normal cells. It seems probable therefore that the functioning

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his student days will not recognize the present portly volume of

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moderate grade of depression almost up to hypochon

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a certain amount of evidence that the relaxation of the sphincter of

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Joseph also proved that the vasomotor center was tonic until late in

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Death from Eating Toad Fish. Australian Medical Gazette

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upon the reason and intelligence of our patrons believing that

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It is therefore tempting to assume that a disturbed function of the

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Case 56 064. Liver Disease with Weakness and Debility.

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are affected the second those in which the one or the other

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woman in confinement without the use of chloroform never where

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high pigment values. Bile pigment excretion was apparently iniluenced

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the sediment in five consisted of pus five seminal fluid

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universal or regional. A patient may have a moderate bronchiolar

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mechanism of their production is exactly alike. Lewis concludes that

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whether it is dependent on the same noxious agent that produces

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Fig. 5. Ochrunutic pigmentation of atherosclerotic plaques of aortic and

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Stage. Give mercury use black wash as a gargle or dust the sores

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temperature rises more rapidly than the average body temperature.

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fistulas but no anemia. There is some evidence in these anemia experi

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that disturbance of glycogenic function in focal infection is a manifes

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Patient G showed no evidence of hematuria or bleeding elsewhere.

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ment is not promptly applied the constitutional disturbance

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Clinical Course. She was readmitted May 12 1920 after rapid return of

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or return to normal following it. In the light of Sandelowsky s

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nerves of his upper extremity via the spinal cord and medulla reaches

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Case 62 257. Chronic Inflammation of the Bladder oi

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apparent gross lesion of the central nervous system was

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experimenters. The mode of action of this acid is somewhat obscure.

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Kooh has already shown in his studies of the coma bacillus of

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from a cold or other cause the mucous membrane becomes

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mouth and nostrils and attempting to expel the air it will And

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of a respiratory cycle was 13 5 seconds the expiratory and inspiratory phases

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blood is not forced on through them towards the heart hence

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time this frequency becomes more urgent still no particular

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the left side and its attendant weaknesses inipotency etc. I am now

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irritation or injury of some organ or part of the body distant

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for keeping before the public mind the action of coun

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this name. Examination however often reveals another patholo

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meter of body surface height weight formula per hour were used

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tinued however until the scrofulous manifestations subsided and the

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Fund of the Harvard Medical School for the study of chronic di.sease.

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higher percentage in these tonsils than in any other. This coincides

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to note that casts and protein were found only occasionally in the

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demonstrate with certainty the absence of disease producing ele

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persevere with it. In two or three months there will most likely be

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disease of the renal arteries. When no disturbance of renal function

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another physician who had been called in in an emergency had

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time and material for the reason that their use is lim

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interspersed with periods of fibrillation. These intermediary stages may

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The interpretation of any single case may be wrought with many

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venes. But in the ab.sence of increased values for blood urea and in

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