There was bilateral external ophthalmoplegia and bilateral ptosis. Sensa
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There are no fatalities in these thirty two cases. All ages and both
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twenty tive patients by the kymographic method. All patients were
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the systolic reading below 140. These low pressures were both taken
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Desdemona Faith that s with watching twill away again
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Atrophy of the Renal Tubule. Lohlein s interpretation of tubular
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into two parts which have to be considered separately
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by conditions and surroundings which no man can gauge to meet a
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All of the above evidence is more or less of an indirect nature.
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children are found in the modern literature Gittings and Pemberton
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viable and satisfactory acidophilus cultures is impossible without the
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It was seen that the capillaries were poorly filled and the flow was
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those which are being studied and treated in other institutions through
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has them. The Courier Record is greatly improved in appearance
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platinum wire and charged with a little drop of culture fluid the
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consisted of acini filled with colloid material if these bodies are accessory
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was very marked. Numerous transition forms between the lympho
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physicians. One section of the book is devoted to the diseases of
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of body protein. Kocher was able to administer to four erysipelas
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cupi ing ap aratus to be of the greatest benefit. These several
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first sound on the first examination were distinctly and audibly alternans in
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carbohydrate diets previously described by Newburgh and Marsh.
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turn and whatever pathological condition is there can
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rounded by tissues of great delicacy and is lined with a mu
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injection of cold water into the bowels. From a half pint to a
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the successful accomplishment of the desired end implies
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or of the business methods we employ. You may imagine but you
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of this whole Medical Department be felt Of all the places of honor
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monary tuberculosis twenty four hours after delivery at term. The
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be seen because of ankylosis of the jaw. The joints showed many deformities.
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tion could be influenced easily by a variety of diet factors. We
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serve in Fig. 103 that the gland is deep seated and when the
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and pelvis. Nowhere however is the effect more satisfactory
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When 1 took a wet piece of cloth to wasli the saliva from
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organ the brain constitute the greater part of the nervous
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and kindred affections. By attaching the camera lucida to the micro
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of the basement are the large dispensing rooms stocked with drugs and
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cian ought to learn enough of bacteria cultivation to make such a
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tissues. For ready reference the results of the more important of
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visitation was inaugurated it being recognized that
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administered a teaspoonful every rive or ten minutes until vomiting
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two gave e.xamples of proved renal glycosuria in which the onset
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have produced a remarkably successful effect. In a recent case in
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etiology and pathology the lesions are more nearly infarction than true
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World s Dispensary Medical Association Gentlemen Miss E.
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gauze as an indication that the secretions from the wound have
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ounces two weeks before. She was so weak that I did not examine

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