cular) insufficiency. Unless the degenerative process is confined to
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treatment, in whom there was found in the left ventricle an aneurysm
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(Figs. 7 and 14) at a time when the ventricles were otherwise under
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Bacteriological examination showed blastomycetes in the preparations from
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requiring to be cut away. Throughout both lungs many small areas of consoli-
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to liberate the left ventricle from the obstacle which prevents its free
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must be remembered that the normal gland can scarcely be felt and
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include attacks of edema (Periods 1 and 4a) than in the two normal
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centre to the circumference of the vessels and take part in the con-
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Furthermore, some of these patients with long-standing infections who
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years, who developed pellagra in the spring of 1909 after caring for his
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symptoms are not of the character which are commonly believed to
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The Wassermann reaction was positive in both blood serum and spinal
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13. Note also, as shown in Table 4, that under these circumstances the
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so often observed in myxoedema. Digestion may be impaired owing
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shown by Little 12 that white wheat flour is deficient in the beriberi-
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2. It induces a gradual decline in the glycemia of the patients.
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chronic. Toxicity is seldom marked, even in extreme infections, so
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increased excretion of urea. The rate of excretion rapidly augmented
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ascites, chyluria, etc., true chyle? And this question suggests a
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solutely excluded. Of these cases only 1 showed a thickness of 9
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treatment was given, the child appeared normal in every way ; the spinal fluid
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recorded by Petters, Fetzer, Carter, and many others. Petters de-
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lar form of endarteritis thus produced. Baumgarten and Lancereaux
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the recent increase in the disease is caused by a relatively increased
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strength of inheritance, though at the same time it may be true that
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cartilages and ligaments, his nerves, his muscles, his blood-vessels, in
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hemophilic case with the longest coagulation time usually, but not
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method of giving the gland itself, or some preparation of it, by the
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in the early spring of 1914, with good recovery. This patient was seen by
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In disease of the vein, in most cases, thrombosis is an early result,
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generally supposed. In 100 post-mortem examinations on persons
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springing therefrom or the femorals may suffer. The embolus is
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from that of Bright's disease, which has a more unfavorable prog-
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Lesions of the tricuspid valves were of later recognition than those
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MacXeal, W. J. : The incidence of pellagra in Spartanburg County, S. C,
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be injected deep. Where the effects are not produced at once, re-
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1900, xl, 266, 282; ibid., 1912, xlvii, 302; Ztsehr.
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recorded pellagrins incident in 1914 with the analogous figures for 1912
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after the use of pilocarpine were due to an increased activity in small

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