All complications render the prognosis unfavorable. Among the com-

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room, in fact, where asepsis can be secured, it may be the

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Chronic intestinal catarrh is often a complication of chronic malarial in-

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connected with the origin of metastatic abscesses by some who were inclined to regard fatal pulmonary

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fever. But whether coma, algidity, delirium, suppression of urine, or

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be found effective. A mercurial solution (1:5000) may be used, but will

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sels results from the pathological blood-conditions, and as qualitative al-

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be. In abscess of the bone there likewise may be found great thicken-

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the surface of the lung are permanent, showing a loss of elasticity. The

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over the liver. Those who suffer from functional derangement of the liver

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and the detachment of brown crusts leaves a glassy, smooth surface. In

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the urine dribbles away, while a large amount of urine still remains

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articular ends of the bones, and the formation of osteophytes in the

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brane is of ten so great that haemateraesis occurs, and although the patient

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according to the rules just given, and I am not disposed to delay aspiration

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ination it was found that the tumefaction, which had been diagnosed

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where it has followed such exposure, I have been able to find some previously

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glands, cachexia, and general evidences of strumous diathesis, establish the

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ternal. The extent of the displacement varies, and the coronary lig-

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' In twenty-six ruptures, ten were into the pericardium, five into the left lung or pleura, four into the tra-

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Neuralgia of Joints. — The term "Neuralgia of a joint" applies to

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get rid of sometimes. Still, on the other hand, septicemia

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rarely recovered from when it occurs in those past middle life. Hepatic

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appliances usually at the command of amateurs. Illustrated. By W. J. Mat.

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than the exception, recurring rigors are common, the fever increases

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kidneys — are espeeially lial)le to bo alTected with this change. The

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soft and fleshy or moderately firm. They may be due to the rupture of

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symptoms are dysphagia, more or less dyspnea, because of pressure on

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7. Perinephritic Abscess is difficult to diagnose, but occasionally

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physician ; it is simply regarded as a severe cold. At the onset, Avhile the

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certain that a mistake has been made, and that a case of typhoid, and not typhus fever has been treated.

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pains over the course of the ureters, probably suppu-

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particularly in children during dentition. The prognosis in memlranous

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elevated patches are made up of embryonic cells arranged in parallel lines.

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III. Hypertropliy, or Clironic Enlarge- VI. Parasites,

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