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being touched, as if there were a wound in the rectum ; burn-
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without deformity according to circumstances not always under
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day." He has used it in extensive burns of the trunk,
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finally discharged as "well" or "cured," I was able to trace only 34 per
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endeavored to solve the problem, but with the most indifferent
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tenperature rise so higli as they did for several days
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piration with an open mouth while attempting to ex-
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various pails, cans, bottles, etc , should be made perfectly
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th.ese e.xperiments is, that the quantity of ozena in the atmo-
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had been twenty per cent., for typhus alone twenty-three per cent., and for enteric
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aggravation of his illness ; but throughout it aU his mental condition
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white oxide ; a process carried on upon an extensive
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spoonful of water eoery night, until positive amelioration or change.
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to cuts and stabs, may be inferred from the dress presenting corresponding
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Rer.,St.Louis,1893,xxvii, 403-407. Also, Keprint.— Chico
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of bacteria, that is to say, they are not endowed with special powers
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inquiry, is already closed, that its science and art are complete,
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white translucent colonies, then in time these became
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pital for two or more years, to be eligible for ex-
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microscopic examination of the sputum and the leukocj'te count, will
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have a hard case occasionally. I saw this case casually with Dr.
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refers to ten recorded cases, and observes that the
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able attention, over seventy cases having been reported
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This is the work that we have begun and this is the direction
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by Dr. M'Clintock and other Masters and Assistant-masters, and
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axis of maximum elasticity. A second and much more important objection is the
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most convenient. Only a few, such as A. P. Dudley, of New York,
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its efficacy. Whilst quinine will cure ague, it would be un-
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to be graduates of legally organized medical institutions and to
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3. What sire the principal conditions which influence secretion ?
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incision in Scarpa's triangle before the circular incision is made (ac-
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solution was inject^. This seemed to occasion a fit of coughing, when about half a pint
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the case, for when the tumor breaks through the sclera there can be
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Aberdeen Medical Society when he lost the chair, this being the
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ulceration, more or less deep, of the intestinal walls, every effort should
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Review of this experience, of the developing patterns of medical requirements

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