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cording to his investigations which have been conducted within the
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with lime water. There was no history of vomiting in this case
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fessors and practitioners of all schools admit and even insist upon
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secured the cooperation of Dr. Charles Fayette Taylor
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Dr. Heckford says I believe it is not generally known that
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excretion of bile as the result of medicines exhibited to influence favor
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marginal air spaces a theory dependent on complete or incomplete
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pearances. The disease has been classified as desquamative
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postoperative lesion. This is especially true when the clinical findings
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improvement was rapid. He was discharged from the hospital March 23 with
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there is stringy sticky fibrinous exudation paracentesis combined
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Case 53 873. New Series as Ndmbered in the Record Books
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present was taken as the number of dilutions necessary to cause the
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structure such as the esophagus they came to the conclusion that all
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this layer contains a large calcified placque. The muscle cells and the elastic
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tion to become an active member of its medical staff
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cesses is not difficult to understand in the light of our present
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the two sides may receive the motion in turn. The effect is
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enlarge the urethra is almost completely closed and it becomes
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digestion of food are difficult to sum up owing to the

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