Medicine.— K. C. Adams. St. Bartholomew's Hospital ; H. T. DuFton. St.
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reduced destruetiveness each time, until 18ii5, which happened
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The final tie in the Hospitals Football Challenge Cup will
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■o? bail in £oOO and one surety in £500. A writ of habeas
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plain and short way with them which had its advantages ; we
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the Chicago University, and their faculties have expressed
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oped by Hewson, and it was only logical that Schultzen^
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Formulaire Gynecologique Illustrii. Par le Dr. A. Auvard. Paris : EnefT
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directs its course to the East Indian Archipelago and to the
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of pulmonaiy regurgitation. The fact that the valvular
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symptoms, the disease of the lungs may steadily progress.
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A Sleeping Girl. — Tramviission of Anthrruxhy Water. — Antiseptic
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cottages bringing rent to the hospital. A subscription has
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■the British Medical Association has been re-formed. This
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esthetic was employed, whatever the degree of anesthesia induced, it
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has been imposed upon the Pharmaceutical Society as a
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ing in size up to No. 9-12. As this treatment is frequently
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*,'* Dr. Kanthack (Liverpool) has favoured us with a reply to these
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Superintending Surgeon, Civil Hospital, and Professor of
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well protected from chill by means of flannel. If laxatives should be
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contracted the disease, although she v;as thought to be protected by a.
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known of bacteria and bacteriology; for although he has
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of £60 per annum. Applications to Charles H. Byers, Secretary, by
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trophied, but not sufficiently so to cause any real difficulty
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well. During his stay in hospital the following additional
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cancer in his family ; he had eleven children. He had enjoyed
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whose army and navy serve in every quarter of the world and
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joining the cures and decrease, we get a total of improved

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