from aroimd which the clear cytoplasm has disappeared. In

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centage of fatal cases 70. Stille states that ten epidemics between 1838

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caused by shampooing the head in a barber's shop. Persons who have

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indications of a sympathetic chain connection with the spheno-

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lysis affecting the vaso-motor nerves thus resting on conjecture, it is

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variable. As a rule, in favorable cases, it persists for several weeks, dis-

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The gradual development of the head of tiie outer pillar, situated

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Thi distinctive characters of the affection render the diagnos suffi-

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in this respect, the quantity and density of the urine are generally notably

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vious portions of '"Gosselin" by a remittance of §1.50, if promptly made.

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and to a group of smaller cells situated directly above and median to the sensory

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addition to the cells which form Reissner's fiber, there are blood corpuscles and

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this precaution, may be supposed to have apoplexy when subsequently,

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state of our knowledge, it is hardly practicable to treat of the different

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after birth (fig. 12), the floor of the second, third, and fourth

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syphiloma, are to be included among the intra-cranial tumors. The cere-

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been traced to and even into the cineritious substance, and many

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sion usuall}^ takes place into the peritoneal and the pleural cavit}^ H}^-

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membrane analogous to that of the skin in the cases of so-called roughs

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and the validit}^ of the discovery is not, as yet (1872), generally I'ecognized.

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superior and lateral portions of the cerebral hemispheres, and hence, it is

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logists. These difficulties may, however, be in some degree

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runner of death. Sudden hemiplegia is another event which is apt to

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was very slow and labored, the enunciation being quite indistinct. The

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ferent outlets is to be restrained b}^ hemostatic remedies.

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-^ Asst. Phy.<t tn th". WeM Lond Hngp. ; Af)xt. Phi/a. to the City of bond. Hos-p., etc.

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motor and sensory roots are sharply diflferentiated, not by con-

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taneous cessation of neuralgia in one situation is apt to be followed by

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place somewhat as it does spontaneously when the liquid is absorbed after

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was recognized that various factors influenced the reaction of

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is limited to the feet and about two-thirds of the muscles of the calves,

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in the successive paralytic manifestations, corresponding to the multiple

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the existence of rhomboidal carbonate of iron, perfectly white

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Case VII. — Mary Penman, a healthy child of between two

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if necessar}-, and as sensibility and consciousness return, the exercise of

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elevated, that is, small papules, are apparent at the spots where the vac-

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the detection of which I have here been offering a new, and I

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