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I give below four selected cases of puerperal eclampsia occurring

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attempt to measure the efficiency of the capillary circulation. For

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eye. The fragments of the placenta which were saved contain numerous

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operation which only confined the patient to the house for two days

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Director of the Laboratory of Hygiene of the Battle Creek

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The disease generally attacks those of broken down or anaemic

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The diet ought to be nutritious. The skin liver and kidneys

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grains glycerine two ounces. Tincture of the chloride of

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February 27 he was transferred to the general service..March 10 the urethral

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Partial adhesion of the walls of the neck of the womb may

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tised at the level of the base of the second frontal

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Unconsciously perhaps but none the less certainly do women

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dementia seen in private practice. My hospital and dis

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atomicity of the carbonic oxide and possibly even the marsh gas

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pioneer in the early work of what is now known as mod

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arteries and often there is also disease of medium sized and small

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probable that the vomiting center was depressed in several of those cases

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