once we have demonstrated degeneration in a given set

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effects of mercury on the liver and in some forms of inflammation may

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ureteral catheters in place reaching to the pelvis of the kidney resulted

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already in a much better position by the time the next menstruation

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not believe the plague contagious wore a shirt taken

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and of the College of Physicians and Surgeons New York another of

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after the onset of the attack although the patient had no demonstrable

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with vital energy by which the ordinary processes of the system

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terest curiosity and desire. Considering also that she has never

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Regarding the origin and nature of these maladies a great

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In my examination of the literature of the subject

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dips into the pelvic cavity and ends in the rectum.

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Left Lung The left pleural cavity contained about 500 c.c. blood tinged

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sionless and the little sufferer experiences the most excruciating

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of the disease had been able to do some work and were ambulatory

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slightly above the physiologic requirement only inasmuch as the litera

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opaque and the sight be greatly impaired or entirely lost.

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