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round and round the room. Eight hours later the ani

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many hot conflicts in which the sons of both these States stood shoulder

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tion is more marked so that in addition to a profuse menstrual

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Blood pressure systolic 98 mm. and diastolic 70 mm.

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ing the total pigment values of the six fractions obtained during duo

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it seemed as if the transfusions might be a factor in lowering the

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peristalsis while it was observed in but one stomach in which the

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history was not available. It was ascertained however that she had

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known to the most eminent Surgeons and so frequently do many

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ladies to administer either chloroform or ether. The remedies

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supply such a want that this institution was erected.

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flow of urine is checked and as it were dammed up so that

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August 15 The cyanosis remained tlie same. The heart action and the pulse

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Ion. In some instances inoculation of tabulated form the results of chemical

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injured in an automobile accident April 20. Superficial injuries. No broken

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alcoholic appetite. As a rule people who enjoyed good

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I ordered bicarbonate of soda and peppermint water for the relief of

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or gave unmistakable signs of nausea and that the result in one of

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potent in its results than we had reason to expect inasmuch as we

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taste and often by the physical appearance uf the product. For

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etiologic factor and revealed no deviations from normal function

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tains valuable articles from distinguished authori

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the underclothes were often stained black. Associated with this there has been

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The following symptoms according to the author are due to reverse peris

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phologic and volume changes in the tissues and blood the chemical changes in

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the tinnitus be due to subacute inflammation of the part where

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heroic alternative measures such as aspiration and catheterization

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lor comparison with pathologic cases observations on the pigment

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day selected for Table 7 is given for easier reference to the original

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instrument of torture. This advice is also good in the introduction

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very pronounced in the upper lobes were entirely wanting over the two

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rates is defined by statistical methods and probability tables for use in

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the New York Society for the Relief of the Ruptured

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a comparative metabolic standpoint is the fact that two of the patients

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any evidence of the characteristic mental derangement

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land I applied the forceps and had no difficulty in delivering her of

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amount of mucous deposits in the urine. Occasionally some

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Doubtless the excitement acts as a strong tonic and

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Carbohydrates especially sucrose with physical properties that will readily allow them

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attainment of nitrogen equilibrium with such a small amount of protein

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number of small friable grayish vegetations. The other cusp is strikingly

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According to Naegeli s scheme the mesenchyme cell gives rise to

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were removed from the cord and the cure made permanent. The

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the symptoms the organ which is primarily diseased and those

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The patient had a distinctly asthenic gait he walked with the legs abducted.

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is the case that discomfort and distress commence twenty four

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nuclei heralding the approach of the gonococci which are seen as blue

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years ago. Habits Ten cigarets daily. Fight years before patient s admission

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It is suggested that the amount of dilatation and the decrease in

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tinnitus of boiler makers is irremediable except perhaps by prophy

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always preceded by febrile symptoms and the attack is indicated

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ment was to insert this cannula in the right carotid artery. The

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are constantly not only duped and swindled but terribly in

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with implicit faith. By their persistent use spermatorrhea par

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lower rectum are not frequently seen in the sigmoid

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a quack What are newspapers for if not to circulate information

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the habit is early acquired and when the sexual propensities are

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experimental procedures. There is a gross resemblance between the

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puscles mentioned by Erlanger was not seen in any of these cases of

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The title Medicine covers 288 pages and is yet not completed in

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There are two essentially different varieties of this disease

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To the above brief and very incomplete sketch of Baumgarten s

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small. The other glomeruli are moderately enlarged most of their capillaries

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symptoms are manifested. However slight the inconvenience

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current of the circulation through the tumors has proved fatal

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to the disease and everything which impairs the constitution

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the mouth and the speech may become impaired articulation

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after close questioning the fact was elicited that during the

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