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to be given the ordinary English pronunciation. — K.]
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4*w w^^^ \'?^^''^^!^^®''^* ^^^^ filters are usually constructed of a series of disks
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are administered by enema or subcu.taneously. External stimulation by
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Hydrotherapeutics, used rationally, have often resulted in considerable
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of the spinal ganglia leading to the periphery — that is, in the sensory periph-
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*323. Externship in Out-Patient Department. — Medicine — Students assigned to
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yea/r — Clinical lectures on cases, per week, 2; surgical visits in the
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gery, including operations on the dead subject and the application of
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all sorts of focal symptoms, according to the locality of the lesion.
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no constant and peculiar lesions. The blood is dark, imperfectly coagulated,
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ways easy, and it often can be made at the first glance. The history, the
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We may assume that the special cause of true acute myelitis is in all proba-
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of the small muscles of the feet causes symptoms that attract little attention
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hydrocephalic children. They cannot learn to talk well, if at all. If they
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separately, and particularly not to omit the examination of the smaller periph-
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time being by the General Council as entitling the holder thereof to practice
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Apartments are provided in the house of the Surgeon for students and'
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the fact that there is so often in multiple sclerosis not a real paralysis, but
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portance; it also takes ven r much time and demands intelligence, patience,
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General Course of the Disease. — In a large majority of cases epilepsy
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the body is frequently somewhat elevated. Sometimes there is a tendency to
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Students who can attend the pre-sessiondl cowrse are strongly advised
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{Softening of the Brain from Embolism or Thrombosis)
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(especially on the feet, toes, and lower legs) on careful testing: for example,
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Victor E. Johnson, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Physiology.
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fur«»r cofitfot fs effected by the clewtm m <i1s<nfect1nf of ^ infected presiise*'
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of multiple sclerosis. Upon accurate examination, however, slight and tran-
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when there is scarcely a single other cord symptom present. If the compres-
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where hypnotized adult men dance dolls, eat raw potatoes with an expression
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Diploma in Surgery or a License to practice it, as well as a degree in Medicine
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