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this thickening, the deeper part, that is the part next the media, is the seat
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placenta was usually practicable when the child was dead : comparatively few
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bled freely for a time, but caused little pain. But little concern for the
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and spores. The spores offer much more resistance to various injurious
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digestive physiology in spite of numerous researches devoted
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teeth in proportion as it depresses the body of the lower jaw antago-
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these operations have been performed in the last six
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* "Obesity," Twentieth Century Practice of Medicine, vol. ii, p. 658,
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the present means or methods, and of ascertaining the
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aged man who had been diagnosed as having malignant lym-
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Prior to the revolution, it was the seat of the Viceroy who had juris-
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of the year — from April to October : while the smallest corresponds
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(2,) Pressure on the head ; (3,) Pressure on the pubic symphysis. In
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teresting account of his life, just published in a Russian
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accident have come under my notice, one of which, that of a farmer shot
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to make the differential diagnosis of importance and we will at-
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the power, to justify in some small measure the bounteous gifts
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Berl., 1883, xxix, 1. Abth., 297- 317. — Wallace (J.)
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Chantemesse was probably the first to attadc this problem success-
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a portion of the fibres of each root is derived from the white fibrous substance of the cord,
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anatomy in the University of Vienna, died April 27,
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where iodine was used for the radical cure. All were
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invades the system by infection in a similar manner as malignant
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lymph glands of animals that had died of this infection. Their hacille en clou
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wondering if the same statement may not be equally true when ap-
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ciency developed itself. Staehelin, in his observations on Swiss
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these spaces are seen as longitudinal splitting of the muscle.
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beginning to contract, the placenta is to be removed, even if the
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This soon increases in size, and discharges a scanty, ichorous
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duced. Thus the silver and copper tests may be employed with one quantity
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operation is also given in detail. The unique thing in the book is the vaginal
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the organic fibre : fresh stains by their dampness. The acid re, . ns
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practical, and as a diagnostician he was painstaking,
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DISEASES of WOMEN ; indading their Pathology, Cansation, Symptoms, DUgnosie,
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patient, the course of the disease having hitherto been altogether latent.
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frequency of actual syphilitic lesions within the lungs proper is not very

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